GEOS is registered in Singapore and has offices in Beijing and Shanghai. The team of GEOS are from and Magicwallet (, both of which are well known in BitShares community due to their technology accumulation. GEOS aim to explore the feasibility of combining bitshares ecosystem with EOS ecosystem, by means of building developers’ community, incubating projects, researching the technology, building API servers and tokenizing the assets.

Our advantages
Rich Experience in DAC Governance
The GEOS team has rich experience in DAC governance as several team members are key members of the BitShares community, who have made outstanding contributions to the stable development and prosperity of the BitShares community. GEOS will learn from the successful experience of the past and continue to contribute to the growth of the EOS community.
A Complete System for Project Promotion
With a complete project promotion process and system, the GEOS team has provided professional services, including asset issuance, promotion and trading, for nearly 30 projects and automatic charging services for nearly one million users within half a year, significantly enhancing the activity of the BitShares market. GEOS will support the promotion and implementation of more EOS projects.
Mature Experience in Wallet Development and Maintenance
The GEOS team has rich experience in wallet development and operation. We have provided services for hundreds of thousands of users in accumulative terms. Tens of thousands of users browse the market and trade by Magic Wallet every day. Nearly 10,000 professional acceptance dealers provide users with professional and reliable acceptance services on Magic Wallet. GEOS will develop an integrated EOS wallet to provide users with more convenient services of higher quality.
Perfect Social Media Matrix
The GEOS team has a complete social media matrix with hundreds of communities and hundreds of thousands of highly-adhesive fans, providing fans with professional solutions and reliable information services. GEOS will stimulate the initiative of its fans to jointly build the EOS ecology.
Extensive Experience in Node Maintenance
The GEOS team has extensive experience in the construction and maintenance of nodes and API Servers. Currently, it maintains 2 BitShares witness nodes, which enjoy the highest success rate of block outage across the entire network. It maintains 4 API servers distributed in Japan, Singapore, and China, which provides reliable services for tens of millions visits each day. GEOS will continue to provide stable and reliable node services for EOS
Professional Blockchain Team
The GEOS team consists of professional groups in charge of blockchain technology, operation and marketing. Owning an international research team with 28 members in Singapore, Shanghai and Beijing, covering talents in product design, technology research and development, market and community operation, GEOS has extensive experience in Internet and blockchain product development, operation and promotion.GEOS will continue to make advantages of the team strengths to steadily develop the EOS ecosystem.
Core team members
The GEOS team enjoys a talent pool of elites equipped with blockchain design, R&D, marketing and community operation experience and skills. Known for its low-profile and pragmatic working style, the team is committed to developing blockchain technology and product launches, and prospering the blockchain community with the determination to realize the large-scale commercial use of blockchain technology.
Committee Member of BitShares; CEO of Wichain Information Technology Co., Limited.; Founding Partner of Waterdrip Capital; Co-Founder of YOYOW. As a researcher and investor of early blockchain projects in China and an early participant in BitShares and Ethereum projects, Bitcrab has dedicated himself in BitShares community management for a long time.
Committee Member of BitShares | CEO of Vector Technology Co.
Co-Founder and COO of Wichain Information Technology Co., Limited. Jevon had worked in one of the world's leading IT companies for over 12 years, accumulating rich experience in project and business management. He entered the mobile Internet industry in 2013 and led the design, development, operation and promotion of two products, one of which has an estimated value of hundreds of millions yuan and has received two rounds of financing, from zero to one as a major founding partner. In this process, he was also in charge of company building and team management. He started to study Bitcoin in 2016. With a strong belief that blockchain technology will change productive relations and redefine the world, he delves into the solutions to apply blockchain technology to business and the research of Graphene and Ethereum.
Jevon Zeng
Co-Founder and Executive Director of Vector Technology Co.
Co-Founder and CTO of Wichain Information Technology Co., Limited As a former system architect of Baidu Mall, Chris led the design of the mall system carrying a daily PV of more than 10 billion. He focuses on the research of system architecture with high concurrency, high performance, high stability and high scalability and practices in complex business systems. Experienced in the design, development, and maintenance of system products and architectures for advertising, e-commerce, transactions, and payments, he is a pioneer in blockchain technology, dedicated to studying large-scale business solutions for blockchain technology and in-depth research on core technologies such as Graphene and Ethereum.
Chris Ran
Co-Founder and CTO of Vector Technology Co.
Committee Member of BitShares; Founding Partner of Waterdrip Capital; Co-Founder of YOYOW. Jademont, graduated from the University of Montreal in Canada with a PhD degree. He entered the blockchain industry in 2013 and was actively involved in the BitShares community. Familiar with the DPOS mechanism and the logic of several products in the Graphene blockchain ecology, he is committed to the promotion of Graphene ecology in China, and the incubation and launches of related products.
Jademont Zheng
Committee Member of BitShares
Co-Founder and CTO of Magic Wallet Project. As a master of engineering of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Zengbo enjoys 15 years of experience in software development. He led the development of the first generation of the front-end firmware for video surveillance and control systems based on IP network. As the leader, he led his team to develop a series of security monitoring products. He also participated in the development of several IPTV set-top box projects and mobile phone terminals and backends for a smart medical project. As a team leader, he continues to work on innovation in technology. He began to study blockchain technology in 2017 and quickly discovered that the value of BitShares was underestimated. Then he initiated the Magic Wallet project.
Zengbo Zhang
Co-Founder and CTO of Magic Wallet Project.
Graduated from Zhejiang University with a master's degree, Tao once worked for eBay, Baidu and other Internet companies. He was Baidu's chief O2O product test leader in Shanghai and worked on the quality assurance of big data products with a daily PV of more than 1 billion. He is a firm follower of Graphene technology.
Tao Zhang
Testing director of Vector Technology Co.
Events Information
GDEX Team interacted with industry experts and fans to explore the future potentials for Graphene Technology. These events were hosted by both online and offline ways.

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